Detail on Activities

During the Sessions Trainees undertake
activities such as the following…
all are guided and seriously good fun!
Drone Obstacle Courses: Relay & Sprint Challenges

Working in teams to encourage positive, competitive collaborations, the trainees will set their own courses using the obstacles and object provided (hoops, pads, gates, etc). These courses will be the courses through which the teams race for victory. This develops teamwork, planning and problem solving skills whilst also creating a learner-led environment in which responsible behaviour is paramount.

Drones & Geography

Landing and navigational skills deployed above a world map. We will use projectors and various pads (faux grass, various other labelled objects) to set ‘fly to coordinates X/Y’ and tell us what country that is. This will highlight a range of British values, whilst developing piloting skills and coordination between team members.

Air Map activities

Trainees will learn about navigation, improving their maths and team work, whilst also learning about the local area and it’s geography. This will have an emphasis that highlights the local air traffic control zones and other restricted areas around Wirral and Merseyside, thereby reducing the possibility of future incidents in these areas involving drones.

Musical Drones

Musical chairs with drones, an original activity unique to Copter Kids!
An experimental idea using digital projection to dynamically change the position of ‘landing pads’ during the game. Aims to test the skills of our young pilots by creating ever more challenging landing zones, all to a stop/start musical backing track. [Music will be chosen by the team winning the previous sessions activities.] This will illustrate the need for sensible and controlled flight, and highlight the dangers of flying in close proximity – i.e. near other aircraft.


… in what is possibly another world first, we will attempt to pitch two teams against each other in an exciting and challenging game of aerial football using the mini drones. Using simple beach-balls and/or balloons, teams will have a 5-minute window in which to score as many points as possible by getting balloons through goals at either end of the hall. Develops communication, coordination, teamwork, real-time problem solving.

Drone Film

Capturing and editing HD footage to create narratives, highlights reels etc. Teams will create/write/storyboard a story which will be acted out and filmed with drones. Teamwork, planning, problem solving and creative writing skills will be developed throughout this activity. This activity will run as a part of each session, with footage and other documentation being gathered throughout the week. 

Highlight reels of the weeks activities (edited by the kids on the last day, following the ‘Grand Prix’) will be a visible presence in the local media and online social media networks, showcasing the work we’ve done and highlighting how far the trainees have come.