Our goals & what we aim to achieve

First and foremost we aim to create a positive and engaging environment to which each group of trainees feels compelled to return each day and continue interacting with others of their own age and of all different backgrounds. Whilst learning and building personal skills such as teamwork and problem solving, the children will become less interested in causing problems and more interested in solving them.

For those kids in need of extracurricular support, we as a team want to help them feel motivated and accepted at their existing skill level, and encourage them by supporting their development of new skills during each session. This differentiation in learning levels will be closely monitored and managed to allow each trainee the best opportunity to progress and develop.

A primary objective is to reinforce and encourage safe drone use. We will do this through engaging and directed educational sessions that will penalise irresponsibility and encourage responsible actions whilst developing drone flying skills.

Additionally, we will create teamwork based goal achievements, thereby creating a collaborative atmosphere and a competitive ideology through which the attendees will learn to work effectively with those from other backgrounds, abilities and with different outlooks.