The Vision

For an industry that has increasing amounts of legislation and licensing, along with a projected global value of $127 billion by 2020, we feel that now is the right time for educating and guiding our young people into the industry.

The young people involved in our sessions will be informed about career opportunities using drones that they perhaps would not have otherwise discovered.

Throughout our sessions we highlight the applications of drones in renewable energy industries and the nuclear industry (inspections etc) along with the far reaching geological and ecological opportunities.

There are so many opportunities¬†that kids can aspire to it’s worth inspiring them now!

Copter Kids in essence:

Copter Kids will engage the next generation in a new dialogue, paving the way for a more responsible, drone-integrated society. We hope to inspire young people to make the right choices when enjoying hobbyist drone technologies that they may encounter in the future. Through the teamwork elements we aim to instil a sense of personal responsibility, helping their day to day behaviours improve through cause and effect thinking and action, whilst also nurturing their personal development through subtle but impactful educational sessions.