What goes on

In the new year, we will be running courses during which the trainees will do the following:

Session 1:

  • Week briefing and overview
  • Drone Safety, Ground Rules
  • First flight – control basics

Session 2:

Safety recap quiz (landing drones on ABCD answer-pads to answer multiple choice questions)

  • Musical Drones (coordination development)
  • Team Air Map Activities
  • Team building, working together to plan a flight (avoiding no-fly zones)
  • First challenge activities – Drones and Geography

Session 3:

Team work and Obstacle Course Creation

  • Musical Drones v2 (warmup)
  • Team building and team designs (stickers on the drones for unique designs)
  • Course planning on paper
  • Obstacle placement & test run
  • First (team based) Relay Race

Session 4:

Challenges & Activities

  • Drone-ball league
  • Filming races, a how-to and visit from a locally based Pro-Racer
  • Planning the Grand Prix – ΒΌ of the track each per team.
  • Grand Prix Practice

Session 5:

  • The Grand Prix League and Prizes (for all!)
  • Editing the race footage to create highlight reels for each team