What we do

Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered about the thousands of flights passing overhead, lugging people and their baggage here and there across our modern world?

Well, the world just keeps on getting more modern and our skies are filling up with our desire to travel and explore! The latest additions to our beautiful cloud scapes aren’t carrying people around just yet though, they don’t cruise at 30000 feet and they take off and land in living rooms and gardens across the country.

We’re talking about drones, and at Copter Kids we’re talking about how to integrate them into our progressive society in safe, constructive and fun ways.

Copter Kids is very much in its nascent beginnings with several pilot sessions run during this summer, but already we’re growing a whole new family of educational, enjoyable and engaging activities for kids that branch out from a solid core of Drone safety. Amy Marshall and Sam Barnes of Drone Factor, another new drone business operating on the Wirral, are our in house professional pilots, with designer Anthony Poldervaart creating the original concept and helping to develop our educational workshops in conjunction with Drone Factor and their invaluable experience and leading edge expertise.

With the current proliferation of irresponsible drone use in society, we feel it is important to teach children from a young age not only about the positive potential of drone technologies, but also the dangers and risks involved and the regulations that are in place. By educating children in drone safety we aim to nurture a responsible approach to drones; after all they’re not just toys, they’re tools!

But once our copter kids are aware of the various safety and legal issues that surround drone piloting we take on a more inspirational and creative role. While many activities, like our Olympic style time trials and obstacle courses, will engender a competitive element, there is also a strong focus on the creative aspects of drone flight and photography; there’s something for everyone at our sessions! We exploit the unique abilities of drone technology and demonstrate a wide range of constructive and creative uses to our copter kids.

Thus far the Pilot Scheme sessions we have run have proven extremely popular, and have helped us immensely with designing a comprehensive course that we aim to formalise and roll out for the October half term 2017. The help and support of Tony Woof and the West Kirby Arts Centre has been phenomenal, enabling us to test the feasibility of our ideas with the kind support and loan of drones from Drone Safe Register. We have worked with different ages, capabilities and sizes of groups to assess the best ways to teach the core aspects of our course, and have come away each time with a whole host of new plans and improvements! With the help of the Wirral chamber of commerce and the Business enterprise hub we are looking to bring new skills to local school kids across the Wirral and develop different formats including week long ‘holiday clubs’ and after school sessions running throughout term time.

Watch out for Copter Kids, coming to the skies near you!

(Though not within 50 meters, naturally)